naked in cold space (one)

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The collection Naked in Cold Space, written in summer 2008. These poems have never been re-worked, but rather I’ve chosen to leave them exactly as I first wrote them in a small notebook, in various cafes and restaurants, in the first several months after my life as I knew it was destroyed.

Number One

What were my wrappings
when I had them —
star-threads, moonrays, and such things,
and you.
Beautiful robes my ugly soul wore,
made of gentle-seeing eyes,
of trust and patience,
and that ineffable gold;
the knowledge that you are
the axis of love.
So I was wrapped,
so I was blessed,
and I was moved to go on.  
Number Two                        

                       You’re gone.
                       My ugly soul is
                       like my name.


                      You’re gone.
                      But we live in a rageless age,
                      and if I rage for us,
                      I will be ignored.
                      We live in a passionless time,
                      so that if I moan in the night
                      for you,
                      I will be prescribed.
                     All the clothes of love are gone,
                     and I live in a freezing
                     starless space.
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all photos, poems, graphics and text copyright 2011 by anne nakis, unless otherwise stated. all rights reserved.   
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